"I'm just another rainbow, my colors are for show"


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What happens when you tickle your cats feet ** video **


What happens when you tickle your cats feet ** video **



y’all are so annoying about dogs tbh i see posts like “there’s probably a doggy all the way across the world wagging its tail right now I have butterflies” get a job u fuckin hippies



Girls Residence, Kishin Shinoyama 1997



Captain America: The First Avenger + Military Uniforms

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This looks like a gender bender

I fully approve of this gender bend

Just About Once a Month,

About once a month, I am overwhelmed by responsibilities, being relied on, being sought out for things that I have no background in, things that are not my fault but that I should fix because I exist. I am stressed out from living at home. I am driven to do things or I will be guilt tripped into doing it eventually. I am fed up with this manipulation of my feelings and self worth.

YES. I get hot water to shower in.

Yes. I have a warm ‘safe’ place to sleep.

Yes. Sometimes there is something that looks edible on the table.

No, I do not have any real free me time. I  try to but give up seeing as the other party member will not go away.

But there is not a day when I am actually alone, by myself.

I’m either at work, or one of the parents is home telling me stuff to do.

So I try to force my best friend to do stuff with me outside of work and home so I can just be away from the house for a few hours. 

I should really get a lock on my door, but that won’t do any good.

They’ll just continue to bang on the door, or start making me feel guilty.

I feel overwhelmed by the fact I am not allowed to be selfish, by people that are are suppose to care about me, without having to feel guilty about being selfish.

LIKE WOW. I WORK A FULL TIME MINIMUM WAGE JOB, also thankful for, but oh, I can’t buy myself anything with my own money without feeling the least bit of guilt for it? Without being reprimanded? Without feeling bad, that I should have spent it on something more important. More important to who? That’s right, more important to anyone but myself. Oh gosh forbid I spend my own money on myself. 

What was that? Think about all the poor people who need food and shelter? I AM poor omfg. Why is it so wrong to think about myself every now and then? LIKE WHY WON’T YOU LET ME LOVE MYSELF?!

I think it’s this negativity that kills me on a monthly basis.

I also read somewhere that false positivity can create the opposite desired effect. If you praise someone and compliment them without an explanation, the idea of entitlement can cause the person to start actually being lazy or have negative effects.

Example that was on the website: Calling girls beautiful constantly, acts as an affirmation that beautiful is what they are suppose to be, that beauty matters, that their looks are important, leading to issues of self-image/ insecurity etc. 

Calling someone a genius or smart, while not giving them credit for all their hard work, overtime it gives them the illusion they no longer have to try as hard.

etc etc


Anaconda (x) v. The Big Comfy Couch (x